A few thoughts about code quality

While working with Magento I see a lot of 3rd party software (Magento extensions). I must say that the code quality in general is very poor. It’s not that poor as in WordPress in the old days but it’s bad. I’m not even talking about following Magento Coding Standard. I’m talking about simple and basic things:

  1. PHP code that produces ERR in Magento log is to be considered broken. 
  2. PHP code that produces WARN in Magento log is to be considered nearly broken and dangerous.
  3. HTML code that does not validate is to be considered broken.
  4. JS is simple – if some JS is broken on they thru parsing then very likely the rest of it (all other libs, scripts) won’t be parsed correctly. It’s very visible in the frontend.
I cannot accept it. 
What to do? Educate yourself, check your code, use CodeSniffer, write Unit Tests and check the logs.
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