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Removal of comments in Firefox

Foreword about addiction

I’m an addict and I can’t help myself. At least not in an easy way. I’m addicted to reading idiotic, moronic, hateful, homophobic comments posted by readers to Postimees website. FYI – Postimees is one of the oldest and biggest newspapers in Estonia.

So that’s why I was looking for a solution on how to remove comments or at least these deceptive links to comments by every article on website.

It only works in Firefox because that’s my main browser.

Let’s get hands dirty

First, open about:config (type it into address field). Firefox config opens after a warning.
Find the key


Make sure the value is “true” (double click on the value). Close config.
Now open config of profiles.

Type about:profiles to address field.
Find your profile (not the development one) and there should be “Root Directory”. At the end of this line is button “Open in Finder” (or open I-dont-know-where in Windows). Whatever, just click it.

Your Firefox profile folder opens.

Inside that folder create a new folder named “chrome” (mind the lowercase name, case matters!).

Inside that “chrome” folder create an empty text file called “userContent.css”. Again – mind the naming.
Into that file add following lines:

@-moz-document domain( {
    span.list-article__comment {
        display: none;

Save and close the file. Restart Firefox. Go to Welcome to your new life!