Measure9 – what, who, where and when?

WhoAmI – Sven Varkel

I’m Sven Varkel, the first employee and Chief Engineer of Investorise and co-Founder of Prototypely. I’m also the lead singer in heavy metal band Herald. For years I worked years at Ericsson, the leading telco network and equipment building company, as a system integrations engineer, team leader and manager. But this blog is not about me …


The blog’s name – Measure9 – comes from an old proverb that we use in Estonia – “measure 9 times, cut once” or something. In English it’s “measure twice, cut once”. We measure more here because we want to have better quality:) In fact the old proverb goes even further, it says “measure 10 times” but 9 is better. Number  9 is magic, it looks better. So it is measure9.

Measure 9 (or more) times, cut once.

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