2 useful scripts for managing your GIT repository

First – GIT is not good at storing large and changing binary files (like images, mp3-s etc). It’s not meant for this. Don’t use it for this. Anyway, sometimes things happen and you have got some large images into your repository and the repo is growing and growing and growing…

I have published 2 scripts that help to manage your GIT repository. First one helps to find large files from your repository and the second one helps to remove these from the whole GIT repository history. If you thought that git rm would remove it or make your repository smaller then think twice:) It’s much more complex than that. If you have a distributed repository that has large binaries in it then you’re in bigger trouble. This case is not covered where although there are some methods to shrink those distributed repos, too. But it’s beyond this article’s scope.

Script for finding files:

Script for removing files:

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